Fighting out of the Juanacatlan distillery in the La Ciénega region of Jalisco, Mexico, these three fearless contenders combine contemporary design with traditional tequila distillation methods and boast a vast and complex range of flavours and aromas.

Each expression is grown and distilled under the careful surveillance of the Juanacatlan distillery using 100% Blue Weber Agave grown 1,530 metres above sea level and traditional production methods which do not hamper the natural and social development of La Ciénega region of Jalisco.

Keeping with this tradition and with the pursuit of exceptional quality, each eye-catching bottle of Mucha Liga is also hand blown and painted using 100% Mexican hand-crafted design for the most striking and vibrant display of Mexican culture.

In true luchador spirit, Mucha Liga not only champion high-quality, traditional tequila but also fight for sustainable farming, fairtrade practices and female empowerment. In fact, Mucha Liga is an industry leader in creating and holding job positions which empower women! 95% of Mucha’s employees are women – including its chairwoman and senior management.

Sizes: 70cl, 3x10cl

ABV: 35% ABV (Blanco) 40% ABV (Reposado, Anejo)


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